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AlisaStudio Βριλησσού 46
I met Alisa at  Vrilissou 46, The office: the office was good, not the cleanest I preferred the  Passion Spa Massage 108 more than this office, the old lady is nice and welcoming but the manger at passion spa was a different case she's more welcoming and warmer hospitality. The smell of cigarettes all around and inside the room, even when the manger talks you can feel the smell of smoke coming out of her. Took the shower clean towels and slippers. The girl came and jumped on the bed while I'm still showering then I went to the bed, she said, she's Turkish , but her profile saying she's from Russia, and I think she's from Russian because of the face look. Service: straight forward service condom is open, blow start nipples kissing, cow girl, doggy position. Not sensual by any means, even no fake moans, job is over, she went out even without saying good bye. It's was good, but it could be better, the girl wasn't in mood very mechanical compared to other experience from different offices. Face and body: face wasn't the best, I would say average or less, very light make up, body as showing in the images slim and fit but more pale white girl look rather than tanned as showing in the images. Would I go back there: Not sure the smell  of cigarettes and the performance wasn't what I hoped for, but if there're a better looking girl I'll mostly because of the price and you get what was agreed. 


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ΆντζυPassion Spa Massage 108
I went to the  Passion Spa Massage 108, couple times, one my second visit there I picked Angie, she's from Columbia, no English, we used translator and couple words I know in Spanish.The spa management or the lady in front was very welcoming nice old woman friendly and very specific, I picked Angie, and I got invited to the room, fresh clean towels and slippers, room was okay in terms of cleanliness and hygiene level. While showring Angie came to the room and waited for me to finish my shower.  performance: We moved to the massage table, wasn't a professional massage, just warm up for the actions later, She allowed kissing and some light foreplay then we moved to the bed. performance was good, she was into the actions and looks like she was turned on, and very friendly, 2 positions allowed, kissing, finished inside the bag inside her. The look: she's not the most beautiful woman in terms of south American beauty terms, but the face is accepted,  the body is slim as the photos exactly, perfect hygiene, photos are edited with high brightness, she's little darker in person, and face is thinner, best position with her was cow girl. I liked this office because the massage room has no smoke smell inside. Return: I'll mostly for the office and the accurate service as we agreed and expected. Overall, she gets the job done with some light GFE. 


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YuliaYour Angels
ALERT, If you're checking Yulia's profile and planning to book with her, AVOID, AVOID ALERT, Avoid yourangels agency. Horrible girl very bad behavior with very poor hygiene, turned the session into social talking and wasted time then took the money and left. Very rude and slutty behavior, looks like the war and economy in Russia caused a severe damage to her brain. The Agency: yourangels refused to help or to offer any discount, or alternative. Actually the behavior of the agency is what confuses me the most, it's totally different than what I have experienced here in Greece during my stay. almost all the Greek people I came across are friendly and provide you a great service to match what you paid for or exceed, but this is not the case with yourangels agency probably it's not run by Greek or the pimping job gets inside your head and alter your behavior and culture.